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HKICON Conservation Awards 2022

application will open soon


Eligibility Rules and Conditions

The Hong Kong Institute of Architectural Conservationists (HKICON) Conservation Awards are now open for submissions of entries. The award recognizes exemplary efforts by local professionals to conserve built heritage and to promote excellence in the field of heritage conservation in Hong Kong. 



1.  The applicant must be a registered HKICON Associate Member, Professional Member, Corporate Members or Fellow. Every submission entry is required to satisfy the nomination requirements, as stipulated in Section B of the Application Form. by seeking the endorsement from three HKICON Professional Members and/or Fellows who are not affiliated with the submitted project.

2.  Entries may be submitted by the registered owner, registered tenant, or conservation consultant, architect or designer, any of whom would have had to be involved in the process, preferably throughout the entire project duration

3.  One or more entries may be submitted by each HKICON Associate Member, Professional Member, Corporate Members or Fellow.

4.  Each entry submitted shall be made strictly under only one of the three listed categories: (1) Restoration; (2) Adaptive Reuse; (3) Interpretation. (Please refer to Section C of the Application Form.)

5.  The submitted project must be officially completed (by published or documented proof of the date of the official opening or commissioning) within the period from 31 August 2020 to 30 August 2022.

6.  The submitted project must be located within the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

7.  Entries that have been previously submitted will not be eligible for resubmission unless invited to do so by the jury, or unless substantial additional restoration has been carried out since the previous submission.

8.  Eligibility Rules and Conditions listed herein are final and non-disputable, and noncompliance of the conditions will lead to disqualification.​

9.  The Application Form must be completed in full and in English.

10.  The Applicant shall send by email softcopy of this completed Application Form (together with Section G). The softcopy must include the entire submission document (including Section G) in digital format. This soft copy must be in PDF format for text and images/maps in TIFF/JPEG format.

11.  All submissions must be sent to HKICON email before 5pm of 30 November 2022. 

12. Physical models are not required for judging purpose and shall not be submitted.

13.  The applicant may be asked to arrange for members of the Jury Panel and relevant HKICON members to visit the project building or site upon being shortlisted for the final round of assessment. The project visit shall be guided by the Applicant and include a short presentation, followed by a Q&A session. These project visits will not have a significant impact on the assessment outcome, which is based on the strength of the submission entry material.

14.  Winners shall be required to produce 2 nos. A0-size mounted panels for exhibition purpose, details of which will be announced upon confirmation of the winner(s).

15. The applicant shall bear the cost for producing the submission and, if nominated as a winner, the production of the exhibition panels.

16. All materials submitted will remain the intellectual property of HKICON. Materials submitted should clearly state the name of the material’s copyright owner(s) and the manner in which they wish to be credited. The copyright to the materials shall remain vested with the respective copyright owner(s) and will be acknowledged accordingly.

17. HKICON reserves the right, without payment of fees or royalties, to use materials submitted to promote the HKICON Conservation Awards or other related academic/educational purposes. The applicants shall grant HKICON a non-exclusive royalty free licence to use any of material(s) submitted for any of the aforementioned purposes.


Project Categories

A Restoration project is one that involves repair and maintenance to return a heritage building (interior and/or exterior) or site back to its original architectural splendour for the same use for which it was originally designed.


Adaptive Reuse

An Adaptive Reuse project is one that involves a new use of a heritage building(interior and/or exterior) or site and may include new addition, modification and restoration to render a heritage building or site suitable for a new functional purpose that is different from its original use.


An Interpretation project is one that involves means of interpreting the heritage information of a heritage building (interior and/or exterior) or site for the general public, such as in the form of a permanent or temporary exhibition, an interpretation centre or a small museum attached to a heritage site or building, or other electronic means.