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Heritage Conservation in Hong Kong- Tech

Heritage Conservation in Hong Kong:

A Technical Guidebook

Produced by HKICON and ERA Architects Inc.
Copyright 2020 HKICON.

This technical guidebook was developed in conjunction with the training. The aim of the workshops and the technical pamphlet is to equip heritage building owners, contractors, and other conservation professionals with the knowledge of proper heritage building repair and maintenance as well as to improve and enrich the conservation skills of building construction professionals

File size: 53MB

Text: English 



香港建築文物保護師學會(HKICON)及ERA Architects Inc.聯合製作2020 HKICON 版權所有


檔案大小: 36MB

文字: 繁體中文

Cultural mapping toolkits EN.PNG

Toolkit - Mapping Cultural Heritage


Copyright 2020 HKICON.

Built heritage/Cultural Mapping is the mapping of the cultural values of
an area’s physical features. It enables an area’s physical features to be related to their (changing) uses over time, providing a longitudinal understanding of their importance. 


This corresponding cultural mapping tool kit was developed in conjunction with the cultural mapping training in order to help communities better understand places of heritage value. The aim of the cultural mapping toolkit is to provide a practical guide for secondary school teachers to teach cultural mapping as part of their curriculum so that students can identify, understand, record and map the cultural significance of places of heritage value.

File size: 26MB

Text: English

Cultural mapping toolkits CN.PNG


Copyright 2020 HKICON.




檔案大小: 19MB

文字: 繁體中文

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