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Built heritage conservation and management have been facing more challenges in the past few years in Hong Kong due to the pressure of development and impact of the Pandemic. Now that the world has resumed normalcy where cultural tourism has become a subject of discussion as the locals as well as the tourists demand depth in their excursions.  Recognising heritage assets are top components for cultural tourism, HKICON is seizing the momentum to review the survival of heritage - how historic landscapes sustain as means of cultural tourism in Hong Kong.  May it be opportunities, may it be threats.  Via understanding local and overseas associated policies, case studies and firsthand experiences, we will review and explore on i) how historic landscapes and cultural tourism could form a symbiotic relationship; ii) the impacts of such symbiosis on the local communities and the landscapes; iii) ways to approach tourism for the sustainability of the landscapes.


The discussion will be conducted via an event series held from May to July 2024. It will be consisted of i) four unique field trips of historic urban and rural landscapes in Hong Kong in which elements of doing cultural tourism and a reflective session on the significance and impacts will be introduced into the tours; and ii) the series ends by a culminating symposium participated by scholars, project leaders of outstanding initiatives of the subject from Hong Kong and in the region. The events will be open to members of HKICON and the general public. 




近年來,政府和商界紛紛致力於透過開發文化地境資源推動文化深度遊,以打造獨特的旅遊目的地,為香港帶來遊客潮,同時也為社區注入人氣和消費力。這些旅遊項目為社區創造了價值,帶來了額外的遊客和商機,然而,過度的旅遊同時也加速了地區生態的改變。透過對鄰近地區的政策了解、案例研究和親身體驗,我們將回顧和探索:i)文化地境與旅遊如何形成共生關係; ii) 這種共生對當地社區和景觀的影響; iii) 如何透過旅遊業促進文化地境永續性的方法。


為了探討如何透過文化地境, 創造可持續的文化旅遊體驗,我們今年五月至七月特別策劃了i) 四場城市及鄉村文化地境考察, 當中糅合了‘如何創造文化旅遊體驗’ 的元素和在地經驗反思及分享討論; ii)由來自香港和鄰近地區的學者、傑出倡議項目負責人參加的研討會。活動將開放給香港建築文物保護師學會會員及公眾。誠邀您參與!


Sheung Wan poster revised 20240513.png

The Oldies but Goodies in Sheung Wan

Sham Shui Po 20240520.jpg

The Once Garment Centre of Hong Kong

Sha Tau Kok trip 20240520.png

Searching for Hakka Culture in Sha Tau Kok and Heritage in Former Frontier Closed Area

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“30 houses“: Central’s Accidental Time Capsule by Friends of the Thirty Houses Neighbourhood

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