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HKICON List of Architectural Conservation Consultants

The HKICON official list of qualified architectural conservation consultants (the AC List) is to provide a “go-to” directory for organizations in need of professional service of architectural conservationists. To ensure that the professional recognition of the AC List, consultations are ongoing with relevant government agencies to explore the possibility of incorporating the AC List as potential tenderers for government-commissioned conservation projects.


To qualify for inclusion on the AC List, consultants must fulfil the following criteria:


Your consultancy must be a registered business under Hong Kong’s Business Registration Ordinance (Cap. 310);

Your consultancy must have a portfolio of at least two (2) completed architectural conservation projects in the past five (5) years;

The HKICON Council reserves the right to periodically review your consultancy’s project portfolio to ensure compliance with the above criteria, in order to maintain the professional standing of the AC List.

Your consultancy must be a HKICON Corporate Member;

Please note that with immediate effect, subscription fees for HKICON Corporate Membership are revised as follows:


The Application Fee of HK$3,600 is eliminated, and Corporate Members will pay only the Annual Subscription Fee based on three bands:

Corporate Size (1)
Band A
Sole practitioner to 10 employed staff
$ 1,500
Band B
11 to 30 employed staff
$ 2,500
Band C
More than 30 employed staff
$ 4,500


 (1) No. of the employees including full-time and part-time staff in Hong Kong Office.

To apply for listing on the AC List, please provide the following documentation:


1. Complete the attached application form for HKICON Corporate Membership and provide the required documents if you are not a Corporate Member yet.


2. Complete the attached application form for HKICON List of Architectural Conservation Consultants and provide the required documents.


Note: The two applications can be carried out in parallel for the Council’s vetting.

AC lists

the AC List

Company Name
Contact number
AGC Design Ltd.
Ang Studio Ltd.
Artitects Ltd.
Design 2 (HK) Ltd.
P&T Architects and Engineers Ltd.
Purcell Asia Pacific Ltd
Revival Heritage Consultants Ltd.
Spence Robinson Ltd.
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