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The Hong Kong Institute of Architectural Conservationists (HKICON) 香港建築文物保護師學會 is a professional body for architectural conservation practitioners.  It was established within the context of growing recognition for the protection and conservation of built heritage in Hong Kong.

Architectural conservation emerged as a distinct profession in Hong Kong with the implementation of the 2007 Heritage Conservation Policy.  Today, the revitalisation of heritage buildings through adaptive reuse has become a policy of the Development Bureau as well as the Urban Renewal Authority.  The ever increasing number of architectural conservation projects that involve both government and private buildings has necessitated rigorous professional requirements based on international best practice standards.  These professional requirements can be seen in the new administrative and statutory requirements that comply with international principles, standards and guidelines, such as the Burra Charter and China Principles.

The implication of such a development is that Hong Kong has caught up with international best practice in considering architectural conservation as an independent discipline and a specialized profession.  In response to this, HKICON has been created by a small core group of professionals (the Founding Council), in consultation with other professionals and senior members of the Government.  As a professional institute, HKICON is committed to the development of the profession and upholding best practice in the field of architectural conservation in Hong Kong.

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