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Membership categories

The categories of membership consist of Honorary Fellow, Fellow, Professional Member, Associate Member, Student Member, Retired Member and Corporate Member.

Honorary Fellows shall be persons nominated by the Council in recognition of their exceptional and meritorious service to the profession.

Fellows shall be nominated among Professional Members and elected by the Council. A Fellow shall normally be a Professional Member of the Institute for not less than fifteen years and shall have demonstrated a significant contribution to the field of architectural conservation.

Professional Members shall possess (i) a relevant postgraduate or undergraduate degree in architectural conservation or preservation, and (ii) have a minimum of two years full-time equivalent of professional architectural conservation experience recognized by the Council. Candidates who are unable to satisfy the above requirements may apply for Professional Membership through a dispensation route in accordance with the requirements set out by the Council (see the Guidelines for the Dispensation Route for Professional Membership).

Associate Members shall have graduated from an academic programme in architectural conservation or preservation that is recognized by the Council, or be full professionals of another discipline and possess professional experience in architectural conservation as recognized by the Council.

Student Members shall be registered students of full-time or part-time studies in architectural conservation or preservation in an academic programme recognized by the Council.

Retired members shall be Professional Members retired from active employment and in good standing with the Institute at the time of their application for this category of membership.

Corporate Members shall be (i) Hong Kong or overseas-based government agencies, non-governmental organizations, or registered private companies engaging in architectural conservation practice in Hong Kong, and shall have at least one Professional Member of a Fellow of the Institute as full-time staff. (ii) Registered business under Hong Kong’s Business Registration Ordinance (Cap. 310). 

There are three Corporate Members Banding, which are categorised by the number of employed staff including Full-time and Part-time staff.

Corporate Size (1)
Free Place(s) Offered (2)
Band A
Sole practitioner to 10 employed staff
Band B
11 to 30 employed staff
Band C
More than 30 employed staff


 (1) No. of the employees including full-time and part-time staff in Hong Kong Office

 (2) Free place(s) offered in each CPD talk organized by HKICON.

Fee and Subscription


Application and Subscription Fees with effect from 1 April 2020 (subject to change without further notice)

Application Fee
Annual Subscription Fee
Associate Member

HK$ 650

HK$ 1000

Corporate Member Band A


HK$ 1,500

Corporate Member Band B


HK$ 2,500

Corporate Member Band C


HK$ 4,500



HK$ 1,300

Professional Member

HK$ 1000

HK$ 1,300

Retired Member


HK$ 650

Student Member


HK$ 200

Download Application Form:

Notes to Applicants


to applicants

  • Applications are welcomed throughout the year.

  • Only completed applications will be deliberated by the HKICON Council and any missing information may result in delays in processing.

  • For a professional membership application, candidates who have acquired part-time, partial or intermitting experience should critically evaluate their work experience and express this experience in terms of "full-time equivalent". The onus is on the applicant. All experiences quoted will be cross-checked against their employer(s)' corroboration statement(s).

  • Memberships will be offered to successful applicants at the beginning of each quarter. The validity of the offer is three months, after which the offer will lapse and a new application would need to be submitted.

  • Prospective candidates need not make any payments upfront.

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