Understanding Cultural Landscapes Series

August to November 2022

Cultural landscapes are manifestations of the relationship between man and nature. An increasingly accepted approach to recognising heritage places holistically, cultural landscapes are gaining appreciation on the global platform with a wider inclusion of such sites on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. 


Hong Kong is not far behind. With its unique tapestry of sites ranging from organically evolved fishing villages, intentionally designed gardens and parks, or associative traditional settlements and landforms, Hong Kong has a range of cultural landscapes that deserve recognition as such. Unfortunately, due to lack of understanding, pressure from redevelopment, insufficient management, among other factors, a number of Hong Kong’s cultural landscapes have already disappeared and most others remain under threat.


To facilitate better understanding of our cultural landscapes and initiate a dialogue about their protection and promotion, HKICON is leading a CPD series titled “Understanding Cultural Landscapes.” With the support of a number of well-regarded local and overseas scholars and practitioners, the series will comprise site tours and culminate in an online symposium. 


A first of its kind organised by HKICON, the CPD series will not only highlight the invaluable cultural landscape sites that have not been duly recognised, but also shed light on threats and challenges facing such sites and draw on expert opinions to present some lessons to learn for the future sustainable management of Hong Kong’s cultural landscapes.



Site Tour to Fanling Golf Course A (AM)

August 20, 2022


Site Tour to Fanling Golf Course B (PM)

August 20, 2022


Site Tour to Fanling Golf Course 

October 8, 2022


Site Tour to Lei Yue Mun Fishing Village

October (TBC)


Site Tour to Government Hill

October (TBC)

Hong Kong Skyline

Lecture by Dr Ken Nicholson

October (TBC)

Concluding Symposium

November (TBC)