The Council

The Council



Vice President, External Affairs (1)

Ms Candy CHAN


Vice President, External Affairs (2)

Ms Winnie YEUNG


Vice President, Internal Affairs & Membership Officer

Mr. Hanny NG


Hon. Secretary

Ms. Candy LAW


Hon. Treasurer

Ms. Wendy NG


CPD Officer

Ms. Lavina AHUJA & Ms Mung Ying HON


Accreditation & Academic Officer

Mr. Raphael YING


IT Officer

Ms. Adelina CHAN


Election of HKICON Council Member 2021-2023

Nomination period - till 22 March 2021

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Dear HKICON Members


As specified in our Institute’s By-laws, nominations for council members shall be called not less than 60 days before our Annual General Meeting, which will be held on 22 March 2021 this year. After the council election, council members will decide amongst themselves who will be President, Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer as well as determine if additional council members are needed.  The term of office is two years.  


The process is straightforward. Professional Members wishing to run for a council post, need to submit a nomination form signed by four HKICON members, two of whom are members of the current council. The nomination form is attached and can be downloaded from HKICON website.


In addition to the nomination form, the nominee needs to submit (1) a one-paragraph description of his/ her qualifications and experience and (2) a one-paragraph statement as to what he/ she hopes to contribute to the Institute.


At the end of the nomination period (22 March 2021), and within two weeks, an annotated list of candidates will be sent, through the HKICON website, to all members for their consideration.  At the same time, members will receive an official voting form, which they must download, fill in and post or deliver to the HKICON administration staff (electronic copy will not be accepted) by the closing date cited on the form (normally two weeks after the distribution of the form).


The voting forms will be kept secure in the HKICON office and opened within one week after the closing date by three pre-appointed individuals, one of whom is a member of the current council, one of whom is the institute’s auditor and one of whom is the HKICON secretarial staff member. Once the voting forms are opened, checked and double-checked, the election results will be announced within one week through the HKICON website. All voting forms will be retained.


Please note that the criterion for election and voting eligibility is HKICON Professional Membership.



Yours faithfully


Angela Ngai

The President